GSA Contract Holder: YNW8JX6S3J85          SIN: 512110

Federal, State & Local
media production Services

Capital Media Group Inc (CMG) opened it's doors in 2004 with a focus on supporting Federal, State, and Municipal agencies. CMG is a trusted provider of professional video, audio, animation production services, instructional design, along with distribution capabilities. CMG's core capabilities center around SIN 512110 (Motion Picture and Video Production) services to support the education and training for government employees, military personnel, healthcare professionals, and audiences around the world. CMG has been a member of the National Alliance of Motion Picture Producers since 2016 and we specialize in the development of customized content for our government clients in a manner that edifies and engages their targeted audience.

Over the last 20 years, CMG has produced hundreds of videos on various educational topics for federal and state agencies, non-profit organizations, and corporations. Some of these productions are listed below. Click on each image for additional details.


Troop Supportive Initiatives

Outreach & Education

CMG works with various commands, agencies, or departments to develop education or training content. For example, CMG's "Hometown Heroes" national TV concept was hosted by General Norman Schwarzkopf and featured heartwarming stories about our returning troops.


Episodic Series

Pre-Deployment Education

Military Snapshots was filmed on Army bases and Navy Ships with the support of Army and Navy public affairs. Each program was designed to introduce available pre-deployment training opportunites to our deploying troops.


Training Courses

IED Awareness

CMG was selected through a TSWG and JIEDDO contract, these training programs were designed to educate deploying personnel concerning IED components, consealment tactics, and counter-IED strategies.


Federal, State and Local

Video, Audio, and Animation

This "Quick Tips" video series was designed to provide simple, plain language answers to public employee retirement planning and benefits management frequently asked questions.


Non-Profit Organizations

Broadcast Productions

CMG has worked with many 501(c)(3) organizations with a variety of missions such as Women with Heart Disease, Dementia, Congenital Disorders, Addiction, and troop supportive foundations such as ASYMCA and the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation.


DOD Commands & Government Agencies

Custom Productions

CMG was also selected to produce custom videos for various military commands and government agencies.


Healthcare Education

Professional & Patient Education

CMG has been selected by the most trusted names in healthcare. Along with medical animators and illustrators, CMG's healthcare division includes board-certified physician writers and on-camera talent.


Simulator Audio & Effects

High Fidelity Recording

CMG provides real-world audio recording services to enrich the training experience and delivery of simulator effects. These audio records help immerse the student in the environment, from the sound of the engins from within the aircraft, to the audio calls from the payload master, pilot, co-pilot... all play a role in immersive training.


Mission Critical

Emergency Management & First Responder Series

CMG launched the Mission Critical series to support Emergency Managers and First Responders with the introduction of new technologies and training opportunities.

Accredited Mission Critical Content for Government,  First Responder,  Medical,  and Defense Personnel

WATCH: Disaster Planning

Sin 512110 Video & Film Production

CMG's small business classification and our experience working with government agencies makes CMG an excellent choice when seeking a small-business set aside contract vendor.


65% of your audience are visual learners. The brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than text with 4X the retention.

Is Audio Important?

Immersive simulation and training requires authentic environment sounds and real-world dialog to bring the training to life.

What is your budget?

Keeping a video under budget takes experience and the ability to provide production planning and project management services.


CMG provides professional video production & editing services. From aerial to underwater, CMG can shoot and edit the content that holds your viewer's attention.


CMG provides High Fidelity Recording capabilities of real-world environments to provide additional layers of engagement for your simulator,podcast, or video.


CMG's 20 years of television, video, audio, and animation experience provides government agencies the confidence to select CMG as their small-business vendor.





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